Project Description


From simple control of your blinds and heating to intelligent single room control, from alarm to music to energy efficiency. We cover all aspects of a modern smart home. Discover the possibilities!

You no longer want island solutions? You don’t want to start your own app for every function? You lack the overall logic? Your heater doesn’t know what the shutters are doing? That’s the end now. In your future smart home everything is summed up in a central intelligent heart. Ordinary buttons and simple controls are integrated into the system in the same way as photovoltaic systems and other complex systems.

Most of your home can be automated. Your smart home automatically detects situations like presence, temperature, weather, fire, burglary, sunset and much more. It knows what to do independently and makes your home intelligent. Or do you want to manually operate every single shade in your house every morning and every night? Of course you can intervene at any time in the automatics. With buttons and just a single app, you can control your entire Smat Home – at home or on the go. Your house adapts to your living habits and not the other way around.

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