Our services

Our mission is to support companies with the development of high-quality software.
Our industrialised approach optimises the production process and guarantees both cost effectiveness and excellent quality.


Interim Management

Our experienced program, product and project managers support you with your project, helping you to rapidly and flexibly respond to bottleneck situations in accordance with your specific needs and requirements. Experienced interim managers successfully achieve your stipulated objectives, thus avoiding any competition or rivalry between internal management staff. We use short-term availability periods and deadlines for the termination of contracts to achieve simple contractual relationships.

Software Engineering

We design high-quality software based on well-established methods and processes. When doing so, we constantly focus on ensuring that this software can be easily integrated into existing solutions. We create competitive systems and software-intensive products that meet the highest quality standards. We achieve better efficiency and effectiveness by using industrialisation based on an engineer-like approach – with all elements made in Germany.

Software Development

We offer software development services from experienced teams of developers, the size of which can be adjusted to suit your needs at any time, at attractive prices. We support your own development team or work on your project independently while also providing agile project management. When it comes to technology, we take a neutral approach when developing software for desktops, client services, web use, Android, iOS and Windows phones. You can therefore rest assured that we can provide the ideal expert for every technology.

Lifecycle Management

At our company, software development is all about application lifecycle management. We provide you with a comprehensive range of services from one single source: planning, requirements analysis, software architecture, software design, software development, software testing, implementation, integration and release management. We work in an agile manner and adhere to all of your stipulated deadlines and budget requirements.

Business Models

We believe that a good partnership is all about ensuring that all parties involved maintain regular contact, listen
to each other and actively respond to each other’s comments and suggestions.


We offer an extremely extensive network full of specialists for all kinds of technologies. This network enables us to work as an independent solutions provider and provide you with professional support focusing on your specific targets. We use our consulting, management and software development services to ensure that your projects are a complete success and your applications are fit for the future.


If you are looking for a company that understands the challenges that you’re facing, works together with you as your partner, values open and honest communication with you, is reliable and trustworthy and can develop and efficiently implement effective solutions, we are the ideal partner for you.

What fascinates me about my job is the diversity. I manage complex projects with a large number of stakeholders. In the end, however, the best result for my client is the only thing that matters.
Andreas Urban
As a provider we carry out analyses, develop solutions and optimize processes. This requires a clear mind, focus on efficiency, concentration on the essentials and stamina. However, most important are always the project’s participants. Without the support of the client, there is seldom a chance of success.
Andreas Urban
Ideally, everybody works in the same direction in a project. To accomplish this, we have to create trust of all involved people. Our expertise helps us to do this, but in the end our energy and willingness to work and to solve the assigned tasks convinces our clients most. 
Andreas Urban
In our job, we need to be able to listen. Many excellent suggestions come from the customer himself. These often have to be enriched only with our wealth of experience to find the ideal solution. That is why it is our task to ensure that every project participant can contribute in the best possible way. Then you can get things moving. Conflicts have to be solved as well. If something goes into the wrong direction, it is our duty to point this out. We’ll get paid for that.
Andreas Urban